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  • Do you have a great
    product idea?

    We can design, develop, manufacture and
    deliver a product based upon your idea!

  • Our story

    How it all started

    What do smart tech nerds and clever supply chain geeks have in common? To be frank, we did not know the answer when we first met in the early fall of 2013. A couple of guys from product development firm Svep Design Center and purchasing firm Chase XL came together for an unconditional talk. After a number of constructive meetings and lively discussions we found out that we both love to bring new ideas come to life. We especially enjoy helping visionary and innovative entrepreneurs bringing their great product ideas to the market.

    It became clear to us that many entrepreneurs and companies struggle with the same challenges. Being creative and innovative is one thing they don’t have a problem with. Creativity is an entrepreneur’s home ground. But knowing how to take a great idea and turn it into a fully functional, appealing product that is cost-effectively produced in millions of copies and quickly shipped to the consumers on time is a different ball game. This is our turf. By combining our two companies’ experiences in product development and engineering, purchasing and logistics, we created a new kind of service.

    This is where the journey of Swemake begins. Welcome to join us.

    The Swemake model

    From concept creation to supply

    Development and manufacturing are optimised when they are combined – innovative designs require innovative manufacturing processes!

    Our engineers know this – from prototype to finished product the manufacturing process impacts the design.

    Together we mould your idea

    into a convincing prototype!

    What is an idea without a prototype?

    This is where we come in – together with you we take your idea and build a prototype that allows you to see the design impact and test key technical functions.

    It allows you to clearly show investors and other stakeholders what you would like to do!

    Need something developed?

    We can do that!

    We understand the challenge of taking a specification, prototype or idea and then turning this into a great product!

    Our engineering team comprising electrical, mechanical and software experts work together to develop the product and bring it to manufacture.

    We work with industrial designers and manufacturers ensuring all regulatory requirements are in place to deliver a ready to use package to the manufacturer.

    We ship it to you

    Wherever you are!

    We take care of routine tasks such as planning & forecasting, making sure materials and components are available and delivering the product to you anywhere in the world.

    But that’s not all - we also work closely with suppliers, making sure they can deliver. Our purchasing experts ensure that the price is kept as competitive as possible!

    Leave it to us

    We manufacture your products

    We minimise the time it takes to get a product into production and deliver a complete supply chain solution for your products!

    When the manufacturing starts we continue to work with quality, supply chain, cost reduction and continuous improvements, allowing you to focus on other priorities..


    Read all about it!

    Seminar on how to turn your ideas into products

    2014-08-18 Want to know what it takes to bring your idea into a market-ready product?

    Mikael Hegardt and Christian Carlsson at Swemake share their experiences on product development, production capacity and supply chain issues on Tuesday 23 September 2014. The breakfast event will be held in the Square Conference Room at Ideon Agora in Lund, Sweden from 8 am to 10 am.

    Follow this link (in Swedish) to signup for the seminar!

    Swemake at TEC Lund in September

    2014-07-01 Do you have a great product idea but don’t know how to materialise it?

    Come and meet us at TEC Lund over a cup of coffee! Swemake participates at The Evertiq Conference in Lund on 25 September. This electronics industry event will take place at Scandic Star Hotel in Lund, Sweden.

    For more information, please contact Mikael Hegardt, e-mail mikael.hegardt@swemake.com or phone +46 (0)70 633 80 31.

    We are getting noticed

    2014-05-14 Swedish news site Evertiq writes about us (in Swedish).

    Swemake signs first contracts

    2014-04-29 Swemake signs the first two contracts with customers.

    Ready to begin?

    Here is how

    We are here

    Visit Sankt Lars Väg 42A, 222 70 Lund, Sweden
    Postal Box 1233, 22105 Lund, Sweden

    Email & Phone

    CEO Christian Carlsson
    T +46 (0) 703 863 312
    E christian.carlsson@swemake.com

    Business Development Mikael Hegardt
    T +46 (0) 46 192 703
    E mikael.hegardt@swemake.com

    Socialize With Us

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