• Do you have a great product idea?

    We create and deliver you a
    sellable product, based on your idea.

  • The Skarana model

    From creating to supplying

    Development and manufacturing cannot be separated – innovative designs requires innovative manufacturing processes!

    Our engineers knows this – from prototype to finished product the manufacturing process impacts the designs.

    We minimize the time it takes to get a product into production and deliver a complete supply chain solution for your products!

    When the manufacturing starts we continue to work with Quality, supply chain issues, cost reduction and continuous improvements, allowing you to focus on other stuff.

    Together we mold your idea

    into a convincing prototype!

    What is an idea without a prototype?

    This is where we come in – together with you we take your idea and build a prototype that allows you to see the design impact and test key technical functions.

    It allows you to clearly show investors and other stake holders what you would like to do!

    Need something developed?

    We can do that!

    We understand the challenge in taking a specification, prototype or idea and creating a great product!

    Our engineering team with electrical, mechanical and software experts work together to develop the product and bring it to manufacturing.

    We work with industrial designers, manufacturers and make sure all regulatory requirements are in place, delivering a ready to use package to the manufacturer.

    We ship it to you

    Where ever you are!

    We take care of tedious stuff such as planning & forecasting, make sure materials are available and deliver the product to you anywere in the world.

    But thats not all - we also keep an eye on suppliers, make sure they can deliver. Our purchasing experts make sure that the price is kept as low as possible!

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    We are here

    Sankt Lars Väg 42A, 222 70 Lund, Sweden

    Email & Phone

    CEO Christian Carlsson
    T +46 (0) 703 863 312 E christian.carlsson@skarana.se

    Sales & Marketing Mikael Hegardt
    T +46 (0) 46 192 703 E mikael.hegardt@skarana.se

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